Stephenson #SoapChampionships: Our favourite picks

Last month we held the very first Stephenson #SoapChampionships! We got off to a very good start and thought we'd share some highlights with you all!

Competition Stats

A very successful start with the #SoapChampionships this year hopefully means we will return bigger and better next year! Overall we had:

  • 182 Entries
  • 5.1K Votes
  • 25.9K Visits


Out of these 182 entries, we knew that there would only be one winner - the image that had the most votes by the end of the competition. Mary Yalama from Greece sent in an image of her awesome princess carriage soaps and received an AMAZING 237 votes!!

A well-deserving winner for the first Stephenson #SoapChampionships!

The Prize

We tried to give away a prize that was of an equal standard to the entries we saw come in. But in the end we settled for a hamper containing some goodies:

  • 4x Free Stephenson Melt & Pour Bases
  • Yorkshire Tea Bags
  • Sweets
  • Champagne

And we also said we’d feature Mary Yalama and her creations in our blog, newsletter and social media (so sign up to our newsletter to see this!).

Amazing soap making and photography skills!

Take us back to summer!

Super fun little ducks!

Amazing artistry to get this level of detail into soap work!

What's Next...

If you’re devastated you missed our #SoapChampionships, here are other ways you can get involved:

  • We hold #MakeItMonday competition every Monday on our Facebook Page
  • Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive competitions and hear all the latest news first
  • Share your soap images with us over on [Twitter] @mysoapbase ( “Twitter”) using #SoapAndShare

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