The Best of Make It Monday 2016 #SoapAndShare

As we approach the end of 2016, we've been looking back at the great year we have had here at Stephenson Group. We've picked one of our Make It Monday winners from every month. A huge thank you to all our Facebook fans for getting involved and being part of our Soap Making community. We appreciate every single Like, Comment and Share. Here's to an even better 2017!!


Almost a year ago exactly, we awarded one of the first Make It Monday prizes of the year to the creator of this magnificent white and purple soap. Using swirled soap embeds for a 3D effect, and striking clean layers, there are a lot of difficult techniques that have been pulled off to perfection. Mesmerising!


We were definitely feeling the love at the start of February! These love heart soaps were a firm favourite this month. When you consider the amount of effort that has gone into making these soaps, it is easy to see why. And, it turned out amazingly well, which isn’t easy to achieve when using embeds within a sliced loaf.


This watermelon loaf was picked as the best Make It Monday winner for March because of the carity of colour and the satisfyingly straight and perfect layers and edges. Not a bubble in sight!


We loved the look of this soap with the stars and sparkles, but we also loved the scent - mojito and lime! Very nice.


With the start of Summer approaching, we felt that May’s pick had to reflect this. But also, the skill involved in getting such bright and clear colours, no bleed and consistency throughout definitely deserves a shout out!


The only thing we love more than cheesecake is a cheesecake made from soap! Delicious!


We loved the effect of the colours on this one, the pink seems to gradually change to purple. Very summery and sparkly!


So August was a super special month for us as we had the Stephenson Soap Championships! With hundreds of entries, just one was eventually picked (voted for by the public) and we think it’s AMAZING!


We thought that this cupcake showed a lot of different techniques. The layers in the base are perfectly done, the whipped topping looks good enough to eat and the ‘cherry’ on top is super cute! Exceptional work!


We fell in love with the simplicity, yet striking composition of these soaps. Everything from the colour choice to the techniques used contribute to the impact these soaps have.


And… we’re back to pie! Yum.


The COLOUR in this soap is just awesome (even though the picture is low res). The way the swirls have been created look like waves, and we think this is the best example of swirling we’ve seen in a long time. Stunning soap!


So, out of nearly 1000 Make It Monday entries, we have whittled this down to our top 12 winners. We’d like you to know that we LOVE to see all your creations and it makes our day to see everyone’s creativity with our base.

Thanks so much. Here’s to 2017 and soap making in the new year!

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