Stephenson Personal Care - A Year in Review

As we approach the end of the year, we've been reflecting on 2016. We have had a great year and we thought we'd share some of this with you. As our loyal fans and customers, you have helped to make this happen. Thank you for your ongoing support and we wish you all the best for 2017.


Throughout the year we have welcomed 17 new members of staff into the company. Ranging from marketing staff to production workers, we are building the dream team here at Stephenson Personal Care!

Make It Monday

2016 has seen our weekly Make It Monday competition grow from around 6 entries per week to between 30 and 40 entries per week! Over the course of the year, nearly 1000 people have been engaged with the competition and we have chosen around 50 winners!

Website Views

At the start of the New Year we unveiled a new website design. Our website has always played an important part in supporting our fans, customers and crafter audience and we update it weekly with the latest blogs, recipes and soaping advice. We have had 366,494 unique website hits this year!!


Our team of technical chemists are constantly at work creating the latest formulations. In 2016 we created 8 unique melt and pour formulations and brought them to market, in addition to a new range of cold-process emulsifiers (Durosoft®). We have a few surprises up our sleeve for 2017, but we won’t give anything away yet!

Customer Satisfaction

With a 97% positive customer satisfaction rating, it is fair to say that we are always interested in what our customers have to say. Recent internal developments mean we have created more resources to focus on all of our customers and people who use our products, and we always strive for excellence.


With around 3,835 trucks on and off site this year, you can imagine how busy we have been with orders! Our manufacturing plant is a bustling hive of activity all year round.


Our audience on social media has grown A LOT! We reached the 20,000 Likes on Facebook milestone a few months ago, and 10,000 Followers on Instagram!


We’ve been involved in a lot of community and industry related activities this year. A few examples of our coverage are listed below.

COSMOS Certification

As of 1st January 2017, Ecocert and Soil Association merged with COSMOS to create one organic certification for the cosmetic sector. We have made the switch - you can read more about that here.

Customer Visits

We have customers all across the world, and a team of sales managers dedicated to visiting them and managing their accounts. In 2016 we carried out 98 customer visits, at home and abroad.

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