Stephenson Personal Care 2017 Roundup

As we approach the end of the year, we thought we'd share some of our 2017's highlights with you. As our loyal fans and customers, you have helped to make this happen. Thank you for your ongoing support and we wish you all the best for 2018.

576,291 Website Views

Our website has always played an important part in supporting our fans, customers and crafter audience with fresh content and updates whether it is our blogs, recipes or soaping advice. We have had 576,291 website hits this year and the top 3 most viewed blog posts were: The rise of Organic Beauty Products, 5 Key Trends in the Personal Care Sector in 2017 and How to make Vanilla and Marshmallow Scented Body Butter

First VOC Programme with Customer Effort Score of 8.9

This year was special for us, as for the first time we launched a Voice of Customer (VOC) Programme. We surveyed 78 customers and received a strong 8.9/10 Customer Effort Score (CES), which just shows how easy it is to do business with us in the eyes of our customers. Recent internal developments mean we have created more resources to focus on all of our customers and people who use our products.

8840 Tonnes of Product Made

We have been really busy this year with orders, samples and production. We have produced 8840 tonnes of products in our manufacturing plant for the personal care sector.

102 Customer Visits

We have customers all over the world and a team of sales managers dedicated to visiting them and managing their accounts. We had a number of customer visits this year, out of which, 102, were customer visits on site and abroad.

Donated to 7 Charities Throughout 2017

Over the last year, we’ve raised money for a number of charities, locally and regionally! The charities consist of British Red Cross Foundation, Movember, Children in Need, British Heart Foundation, Forget me Not Hospice, Little Princess Trust and Autism Angles!

612 Product Samples Sent Out to 75 Countries

An integral part of what we do is letting customers see our bases for themselves. A sample box can consist of anything from between 6 and 18 products inside, with the help of our customer experience coordinator Danielle, we’ve managed to package and send out on average 51 sample boxes a month!

50 Continuous Improvement Lean Projects Completed

“Lean” is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within a manufacturing system. Lean also takes into account waste created through overburden and waste created through unevenness in workloads. We’ve been busy making our processes more efficient this year, with companywide projects such as warehouse levelling, better internal communication and a more systematic approach to stock control we’ve never been more efficient and effective!

Video Recipe viewed by 120,000 People

In August, we made a video on how to create Honey Swirl Soaps. The video is one of many we’ve produced this year to accompany our recipe section on our website. This particular video got quite a lot of attention, with over 126,134 views! Watch the video here.

12 New Products in Development

We have some exciting new products on the horizon for 2018. An extended range of Emulsifiers and other cosmetic ingredients as well as a new soap free base! Here’s too an exciting new year!

SPC Stats of 2017

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