Camphill Village Trust Community Visit at Stephenson

After having a lovely visit at the Croft, Camphill Village Trust community in Malton, on the 5th of February, yesterday we welcomed community members to spend half-day with us touring and soap sculpting here at Stephenson manufacturing facilities in Horsforth.

About Camphill Village Trust

Camphill Village Trust (the Croft) is a vibrant intentional community on the edge of the North Yorkshire market town of Malton offering a diverse and evolving range of living, working, social and cultural opportunities. Currently home to 37 community members, it has an inspiring group of adults with learning disabilities spanning in their 20’s to 70’s.

Stephenson team visit The Croft Community in Malton

The community members are hugely talented individuals and we witnessed some of the amazing craft workshops they do from soap making to making rugs, to mosaic coasters to felt pictures, from gardening to even up-cycling furniture!

Astonished by member creativity and amazing support workers, we couldn’t wait for their visit here at Stephenson, especially as they were all very excited about visiting us and seeing how we make soap on a bigger scale and what kind of machines we use.

Soaps and other creative items by Camphill Village Trust Croft Community

The Croft Community at Stephenson Manufacturing

Yesterday, 5 community members together with 4 of their support workers experienced what is like to make soap on a bigger scale and it was something that they have never experienced before.

Altogether, we did all sorts of activities around the office and manufacturing plant, with a bit of introduction to the employees and the history of Stephenson. After learning ins and outs of soap manufacturing, packaging and storing, we completed the day with collectively building a soap lighthouse sculpture.

Lighthouse soap masterpiece

"“Thank you all for having us!!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful you have all been and how much we have all enjoyed it. You have such a wonderful team of people and it is a great environment to be welcomed into.” – said Emma, Enterprise Workshop Manager at the Croft"

"“It is worth a bit of time, to put a smile on a person’s face and create lifetime memories” – Jamie Bentley, CEO at Stephenson"

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