4 Ways how syndet bars can address consumer trends

The demand for sensitive skin products, the resurgence in bar soaps and solid shampoos plus growing pressures to reduce packaging and waste is a real challenge for brands and contract manufacturers globally. In this blog post, we share how syndet bars can address the current consumer trends and challenges for manufacturers who previously would not have been able to manufacture syndet bars across mass market applications.


Zero Waste products are here to stay with more and more customers moving away from purchasing products with plastic packaging. Thus, brands and manufacturers that make bold emphasis on sustainable/waste-free attributes can really gain benefits from addressing these trends with products that use no-packaging or plastic-free packaging.

Natural soap, bath and shower products are most active in APAC (64% of recent launches vs 59% globally), according to Mintel. However, the focus is on established claims such as botanical/herbal ingredients (56% of launches). Moving beyond natural claims, brands could better tap into eco-friendly/waste-free movements as discussed in the Mintel BPC Trend Sub-Zero Waste.

While American and European brands are showing interest in disruptive waste-free and sustainable concepts, consumers interest in this area is growing worldwide. APAC region have seen the greatest NPD increase in this category over the last five years with some consumers are also ready to pay more. In fact, 58% of Mintropolitans in China say they are willing to pay more for ethical brands with ethical/environmental claims.

Syndet Bases, like Syndopal are perfect for developing packaging-free product applications like solid shampoo bars and conditioners, beauty bars, solid facial cleansers that require no packaging and thus appeal for future consumers.


Eco and natural claims are increasing in new product launches as well. According to Mintel, 34-62% of soap, bath and shower launches in Europe in 2018 had a natural (62%) or eco (34%) claim – steady during previous years.

Combi Bar Formulations also present opportunities for creating milder products that are more natural and milder for the skin. These can also benefit for tapping into applications for hair removal, adults V-zone etc.

Syndet bases, like Syndopal can be easily mixed with existing extruded soap bases to produce combi bars without specialist equipment required.

Cleansing combi bars

Cleansing combi bars by Joanna Vargas Skin Care and tolpa


Mintel’s Total Wellbeing Trend, also shows that consumers are looking for more solutions and products to improve their general wellbeing from living healthier lifestyles to decreasing stress levels. All soap, bath and shower segments can tap into this trend.

Multipurpose products are just one way to appeal to customers, especially those that need solutions for the post-workout product applications or travelling applications with products such as 2-in-1 body bars, deodorising sports bars, solid shampoo and body bars etc.

The media spotlight on health/wellness can spur soap, bath and shower products to more boldly emphasise sensory colours/textures, feel-good messaging and co-branding to help people holistically feel better.

Syndet bases are milder than most of other soaps, due to them being ph neutral, thus producing very good multipurpose applications for solid shampoo bar and face cleansers, body bar and other applications.

Multipurpose bars for whole body and hair

Multipurpose bars for the whole body and hair by gallinee and Dr Harris & Co


For those brands that are looking to tap into consumers with sensitive skin, there is a gap for more products as consumer interest is there and new product development is limited.

It shows a perfect opportunity worldwide, but especially in the APAC region with 35% of buyers of soap, bath and shower products in China willing to pay more for products free from certain ingredients (eg soap, alcohol and ‘free from’ formulas) [Mintel].

This is just another feature, as syndet bar formulations are perfectly addressing this demand for this niche market with mild product formulations and ph neutral features.

Syndet bars for body and face and V-zone

Neautral ph bars for body, face and V-zone by Cetaphil and Knours

Syndet bases, like Syndopal provides an advantage for creating solid shampoo and body bars, beauty bars etc. as it doesn’t require specialist equipment. Learn more by downloading our brochure below.

With its improved processabilty, ph 5.5-6.5 noodle base and ultra-mild characteristics, you can now look at capitalising on all growing markets; pharmacy, cosmetic and mass. Syndopal opens up these sectors to manufacturers who would not have been able to manufacture syndet bars previously. With Syndopal it is easy to create new business opportunities and products, with less packaging and improve your company’s environmental credentials.

For more information download Syndopal Brochure, for comparing popular syndets in the market and technical information:

Download Syndopal Brochure Here

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