New brand identity for market innovator

Stephenson Personal Care and Stephenson Group have rebranded itself as Stephenson from March 25th in a move aligned to our long-term business strategy.

Over the past decade, Stephenson Group has focussed all its energy on the growth of its Personal Care division. The sale of our Textile Chemicals business in December 2018 wholly underpins our strategic focus in personal care ingredients. To do this, we have decided to re-align our brand identity.

The introduction of a new evolutionary soap free syndet (Syndopal®) and natural ingredients range (Durosoft®) confirms our business ethos as a leader and innovator, delivering new products and services for you and your customers.

Stephenson Personal Care rebrands to Stephenson

New Logo of Stephenson

Our new brand identity will roll out from late March and herald the start of a programme of new customer focus initiatives, designed to improve our level of support.

Our new website and social media platforms went live on Monday (25th) with new look packaging rolling out from April, and over the following 6+ months.

If you’re an existing contact, you will start to see our brand changes across their documentation roll out from late March.

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