This year In-Cosmetics featured many exciting product developments and ingredient launches. In this blog, we want to share some key Stephenson Highlights and our key takeaways from the leading event for cosmetics and personal care ingredients, hosted this year at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.


In this year’s In-cosmetics Global 2019 Stephenson launched its new branding, which was initiated in a move aligned to our long-term business strategy for growing personal care division. We have rolled out our new brand identity at the show and have planned to start a programme of new customer focus initiatives, designed to improve our level of customer support. Read more here.

Stephenson at In-cosmetics Global 2019


Stephenson opened In-cosmetics Global Technical Seminars with presentation entitled ‘Syndet - The Revolution’ presented by Technical Business Development Manager, Michaela Daubney and Business Development Manager, Paul Pickering. The seminar touched on syndet processing and alignment with sustainable market claims, which was a great fit with the growing demand for product innovations of natural and sustainable products globally. For those that are interested in the seminar, the video is accessible below:


Syndopal is a soap-free, ultra mild and pH 5.5-6.0 extruded syndet base for the manufacture of luxury, high performance opaque solid beauty, shampoo and conditioner bars. It is the mildest syndet in the market also offering improved processability, and offering many sustainable claims including energy savings and water savings (no water required for processing) with no-packaging required. With this product, customers can now look at capitalising on these growing markets; pharmacy, cosmetic and mass markets.

Syndopal is a perfect base for the manufacturing of solid shampoo bars, hair and body bars, deodorising bars, sensitive facial bar, beauty bars etc. For more information, enquire here.


As part of the solid product formulations and alignment with organic and natural trends, we also featured the DUROSOFT® range of natural ingredients, that are receiving more and more interest for natural, COSMOS and RSPO certified cosmetic and personal care formulations eg. solid lotion, cleansing facial oils, massage oils and others. Click here for more info.

DUROSOFT® line of Natural Ingredients

We’d like to thank everyone who came to see us on the stand - both existing customers and other delegates. We’re already excited about what In-cosmetics is going to bring next year in Barcelona! Meantime, if you have any product or technical questions, please get in touch via the Contact Us Page.

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