Solid Conditioner Base - Sustainable, Waterless & Without Plastic Packaging

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Solid Conditioner Base - Sustainable, Waterless & Without Plastic Packaging

The new solid conditioner base is the latest addition to our melt and pour range and is a product innovation designed to help consumers reduce the use of plastic and water consumption.

Solid Conditioner base is an easy to use melt and pour product and requires a few steps to create your own personalised Solid Conditioner bars. The ingredients include behentrimonium chloride, a cationic surfactant which helps condition the hair, shea butter and coconut oil which provide nourishment and hydrogenated Ethylhexyl olivate, a natural emollient within the base.

There are many misconceptions around concentration within solid format personal care products. Besides the environmental benefits associated with reduced or even zero packaging, solid bars are a huge step in the right direction for the environment as unlike liquid versions, solid bars need less water in the manufacturing process as they are a concentrated product. This is all the more surprising when you consider the fact that some shampoos are often made with up to 80% water, while conditioners can consist of up to 95% water. With this in mind, we choose to create a more sustainable option, solid conditioner base has 0% water, thus providing 100% concentrated product, lasting significantly longer than liquid products.

Solid bars are easier to transport than liquid products as they are lightweight and solid in shape. For travellers, there is the added benefit of not having to decant them into small plastic bottles to get through airport security or to get messy in their luggage either.

Image Credit - Nuebar Each individual bar can last between 1-3 months, depending on hair type, thickness and length compared to a bottle, the bars lighter, slimmer and easier to transport, thus adding to its appeal, therefore no need to repurchase as often.

The solid bar hair care market is estimated to be worth around $10milion globally and shows signs of huge growth potential. This is due to increasing consumer awareness of personal health and hygiene combined with the harmful side effects associated with the long term use of chemical cosmetics and personal care products. Consumers are also consciously adopting packaging free personal care products in a bid to reduce their own plastic waste as evidenced by the popularity and growth of refill outlets.

Image Credit - Planetwood Unsustainable, single-use plastic

Changing consumer preferences for natural ingredient-based product formulations due to benefits such as dandruff protection and hair fall control are also expected to further boost the growth of the solid format bar industry over the next few years.

Download our Solid Conditioner Guide to gain market insight, find out trends and understand more about Solid Condition Base. Click the image below to download and find out more.

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