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Syndopal Natural C-MB

Create a variety of COSMOS natural shampoo, body, multi-bars, and more with Syndopal natural syndet noodles.

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Syndopal Natural C-MB is a syndet base that is natural and soap-free. This base is perfect for creating a variety of cleansing bars, including shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, and intimate care products. Additionally, it is an ideal base for making gentle bars for babies, pet care, and laundry. 


Made from palm-derived Sodium Coco-Sulphate (SCS), it comes with RSPO MB and COSMOS certifications, which means it supports ethical claims on your products. 


Improve your production process - Syndopal Natural C-MB noodles make it easier to work with your extrusion lines, thanks to the emulsification chemistry. As a versatile base, it allows for many different uses, meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. 

Benefits of Syndopal Natural MB-C

  • Create COSMOS natural certified bars 

  • Optimize processing through an emulsification-chemistry base.

  • Reduce plastic packaging

  • Are vegan friendly  

  • Conserve water  


100% soap free, ultra-mild - adaptable for different applications


99.95 Natural origin 16128


pH balanced 5.0 - 6.5


Rich and creamy foam


Readily biodegradable


Dermatologically & paediatric tested




Certified sustainable RSPO-MB

GMP applies to companies manufacturing finished products. As a supplier of ingredients and bases, this does not apply. Stephenson holds ISO 9001 Quality Certification and supplies companies that have GMP certification.

The majority of our bases are gluten-free - if you require further information please contact us here.

Lye (also known as Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide) is the material that is used in making all of our soaps. Solid soaps (Crystal Melt and Pour range or Extruded soap bases) use Lye from Sodium Hydroxide, while Stephenson Liquid soaps use Lye from Potassium Hydroxide. We use Lye to saponify oils and/or fatty acids to produce soap. Once the soap is produced, all the lye is used up during the saponification reaction and so there is none left in the final product.

No, we are a speciality base supplier, we manufacture and ship soap bases and other product bases that are converted by our customers into finished products. Typically our bases make up around 80-99% of a finished product.

No, we are strictly against animal testing and our ingredients are not tested on animals.

We use palm and palm kernel oils, and ingredients derived from both oils. Wherever possible, we use oil and ingredients from certified sustainable sources. All products that are made using certified sustainable palm and palm ingredients have the letters SG or MB at the end of their name referring to RSPO Segregated (SG) and RSPO Mass Balance (MB). It isn’t possible to source everything we use from certified sustainable sources, but we are always researching and discussing with our suppliers to find new options.

The main difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is that fragrance oils are manufactured in a lab and essential oils are made of natural materials. Due to their natural properties, essential oils can have an impact on the stability of your product and cause hazing.

We've been making soap here at Stephenson’s since 1856, originally for the textile industry.

Yes, all the glycerine used in our soap bases is derived from vegetable sources.

We have appointed distributors worldwide to support and manage our supply chain, see our 'where to buy' page to find out where you can purchase our products.

Most of our product are vegan friendly. Only small amount of our products contain animal-derived milk and honey. These include Crystal Goat’s Milk, Crystal Donkey Milk and Crystal Honey.

The bases are not manufactured for processing at home. Extruded soap bases are used in soap factories, and are converted from noodle form into finished soap bars in one continuous process using pressure, force, and large scale machinery.

Our extruded soap bases are for large scale manufacturing. Extruded bases will not melt in a microwave or in an oven. The moisture/water in these products is very low and they are processed by machines that use pressure and heat caused by friction to bind the soap together and in turn press soap bars.

Conventional Soap making factories and mills that have invested in full scale soap plodding and production machines.

There is no way to process this product / material by hand or under craft conditions.

For our extruded soap bases we supply in two pack sizes, 25KG bags, or 1000KG big bags. Usually we ship in 25KG as this not only protects the soap base but helps to maintain moisture within the product.

78% or higher TFM is usually only possible if soap noodle is made from fatty acid, or oils with the glycerin washed out. As we use full oils with glycerin left in, our TFM is generally 70-75%; see Technical Information attached to the individual products for more information.

We manufacture and produce speciality soap bases; we make our soap base using natural or organic oils, not standard conventional fatty acids. A white soap base is produced by large mills in Indonesia and Malaysia, using fatty acids derived from non-sustainable palm oil plantations (fatty acids are parts of the oils, not the full oil) by using fatty acids the natural colour is removed, the base appears bright white, and the natural glycerine is also removed. We maintain the glycerine throughout the soap making process as it provides excellent skin feel, and a higher quality in the finished product.

Yes, we can manufacture and supply Fairtrade soap bases, upon request.

Yes, all of the Palm and Palm Kernel oils used in making our soap bases are 100% RSPO Segregated. We were in fact the first soap making production worldwide to use 100% certified sustainable palm and palm kernel oils in our soap base.

Syndopal 300 is made with RSPO Mass Balance Palm Ingredients.

Technical documents

You will find all the relevant technical documents and information for our Extruded & Syndet bases. If you require any further information, please get in touch with us.

Syndopal Natural C-MB INCI & SPEC

Syndopal Natural C-MB - Product Declaration

Syndopal Natural C-MB - SDS

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