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Soap Club: Luscious Lemon & Lavender Lather Bar
Soap Club: Love Soap
Soap Club: Peachy Summer Time
Soap Club: Summer Rose Garden
Soap Club: Hello Spring!
Soap Club Recipe: Lemon and Lime Slice
Soap Club Recipe: Be a mermaid in a sea full of fish
How to make Christmas decorations with Melt & Pour
How to make a charcoal shaving soap
Autumn Spice & Sweet Orange Natural Liquid Soap
How to make Marbled Spiced Fig Loaf Soap
How to Make Whipped Coconut Body Butter
How to Make Gardener's Soap
How to Make Solid Shampoo
How to make sleepy time lotion using Easy Lotion Base [video recipe]
How to make a ‘soap-cake’
How to make a Valentine's soap with embedded hearts [video recipe]
How to make an almond soap with Crystal Donkey Milk
How to make a Crystal OPC English Rose sugar scrub
How to make Holly Jolly Festive Soap
How to make Orange Zest Autumnal Easy Lotion
How to create spooky halloween pumpkin soaps
How to create lavender and eucalyptus Soap Bars using Crystal Oatmeal and Shea
How to Make Lemon & Bergamot Scrub Soap Bars
How to Make Vanilla and Marshmallow Scented Body Butter
How to create Christmas Cup Cake Soaps using Crystal Shea and Crystal OPC
How to create Festive Soap slices
How to Create a Festive Foaming Bath Butter using Crystal OPC
How to Make Honey & Grapefruit Soap
How to Make Cosmic Galaxy Soap
Recipe: How to Make Pumpkin, Skull and Spider Soaps... Oh My!
How to Make a Cleansing Oil using Durosoft
How to make Triple Butter Swirl Soap
How to create Mocha and Oatmeal Soap Slices
How to make Frozen Princess Soaps
How to make Igneous Rocks
DIY Lotion with Easy Lotion Base
How to make Honey Soap bars
DIY Body Butter
How to make key chain gemstone soaps
How to make gingerbread man Soap Bars
How to make Spooky Spider Halloween Soaps
How to make home made Popsicle Soaps
How to make Heavenly Honeysuckle Soaps
How to make Paper Confetti Soaps
How to make easy Argan Oil Calendula Soap Bars
DIY Coffee and Coconut Soap Sticks
Make your own Lemon Poppy Seed Triple Butter Soaps
How to make a Whipped Chocolate Body Butter
How to make a Whipped Spearmint Bath Butter
How to make Earl Grey Tea Soap
How to make Shamrock soaps
How to make semi precious stone soaps
How to make Handmade Easter Soaps
How To Make Shower Jellies
How to make Homemade Vanilla Orange Citrus Soap
How to make Homemade Rosemary Mint Soap
DIY 'Galentines' Day Soap Gift
How to make Vanilla & Coconut soaps
How to make Christmas Tree Soap
How to make Dark Chocolate Soap
Making Grapefruit Confetti Soap
How to make spooky Halloween Soap
Get creative with this DIY Rainbow Soap
Making Lotions using EasyLotion Base
How to make a Rustic Carrot, Cucumber & Aloe Vera Soap
Making a Lavender Lotion
Making soap with Crystal OS
How to make Jewel Soaps
How to make a Facial Cleansing Soap Bar
How to make Snow Soap Slices
How to make a Mint & Green Tea Sugar Scrub
How to Make Soap & Win Prizes with AO at Home
How to make Sweet Coconut Exfoliating soap bars
How to make Cinnamon & Coffee ReBatch Soap
How to Make an Aloe Vera & Mint Soap
How to make a Zesty Fresh Lemon Scented Soap
How to make a Beautiful Soap Gift
How to make Jasmine and Dead Sea Salt Soap!
How to create a fun three-layer circle of soap
New Jelly Soap Base
How to Make Melt & Pour Soap

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