How is skinimalism impacting the personal care market?

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How is skinimalism impacting the personal care market?

What is skinimalism?

Well, it is basically the stripping back of our skincare routines in favour of a more minimalist approach; whether reducing the number of products and actives in our routines or simply wearing less foundation or makeup. It’s all about taking a few steps back and harnessing the power of multitasking products focusing on cleansing, toning, and moisturising, while ultimately committing to a more sustainable beauty routine.

Skinimalism isn’t about creating perfect, airbrushed, or retouched skin, but it doesn’t mean sacrificing a glowing and healthy-looking complexion either. It’s focused on simplicity and beneficial ingredients and habits, and quality over quantity.

The rise of skinminimalism in the personal care market

The rise of skinminimalism. According to retail forecasting company Euromonitor, by 2025, skincare will steal the brightest spot of the global beauty industry, as the category is estimated to reach USD 181 billion in sales. Mostly led in the Asia Pacific region, as consumers are increasingly self-educating on active ingredients and will continue their quest for “skinimalism” form of simplified brand messaging, clean formulations and routines.

According to Pinterest, skinimalism was a key trend in 2021 within a 4x year-on-year increase in searches for "how to get naturally glowing skin" or a 180% year-on-year increase in searches for "natural everyday make-up".

Other growth areas are European including the UK and North America.

Also, skin experts and dermatologists call on skinimalism at home.

A complex and extensive skincare routine for ­healthier-looking skin is not an answer, which was also noted in the Netflix series Explained "Know Your Skin" episode and according to doctors. “You get reduced efficacy, like the law of diminishing returns,” says dermatologist Michelle Henry. So instead of getting caught up in how many products you’re using, she advises that you keep it simple.

So basically the general rule of thumb is when you’re at home, use gentle products that support skin health (cleansing, toning and moisturising) and leave more complex skin issues or treatments to professionals.


Benefits of skinimalism

Switching to a skin minimal routine can be beneficial to your skin. Complicated regimens, especially when using the wrong products, can damage the skin and disrupt its pH balance, resulting in increased redness, dryness, and acne. With a less complex routine and more focus on using the most beneficial products and ingredients, it can be easier to achieve healthy skin.

More sustainability

Skinimalism is also about a more sustainable approach. It promotes lesser product consumption offering multiple benefits and less waste.

Skinimalistic trends also encourage the use of multipurpose or hybrid products. Not only as a timesaver but it can be better for the skin. Your brand can benefit from this with an eco and sustainable mindset.  Read on our blog: 5 ways to modernise skin cleansing and skincare applications -

Focus on wellbeing

A simplified skinimalist routine is less stressful and promotes a focus on wellbeing - that "feel good in your own skin" feeling. Skinimalism helps to keep those natural looks that reveal real skin. The real care is minimalistic and stressless - focuses on using water and low ph cleanser or soap.

The lengths of the ingredients list are also what puts some consumers off when using skincare products, as they are keener on the ingredients that are functional and good for their skin.

In the UK 29% of facial skincare users are interested in products that contain short ingredients list

Syndopal 300-MB & Syndopour 200-MB - sustainable solutions for skinimalistic beauty

Syndopal 300-MB & Syndopour 200-MB are safe to use for sensitive skin cleansing, face and body cleansing applications. It offers eco-packaging opportunities and aligns with consumer trends for facial cleansing bars, body bars, or scalp care. Its sustainably sourced, low water, and biodegradable formulation also benefits from 100% soap-free, pH neutrality, high foaming, and non-irritant claims¹Syndopal bar is also safe to use around the eyes and lasts up to 2.5x longer than the liquid alternative².

Syndopal 300-MB offers processability advantages for personal care brands and manufacturers in pharmaceutical, personal care, and baby care categories³. With Syndopal it is easy to create new business opportunities and products, with less packaging and improved environmental credentials further boosting the appeal to parents and consumers.

1.Ophthalmologically tested, results show low potential for eye irritation - This applies to our base only and not for end products with added ingredients. It is advised that customers get their end product tested for their product to hold this claim.

2.External study conducted with bar and liquid shampoo users.

3.Paediatric approved – This applies to our base only and not for any products with added ingredients. It is advised that customers get their end products tested for their product to hold this claim.

Syndopour 200-MB offers processing advantages without the use of large manufacturing equipment as it is a Melt & Pour syndet base which can be made in traditional kitchens. Find out more about Syndopour 200-MB and all its features here.

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