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Syndopour Shampoo MB

For creating natural, pH-balanced bars for all haircare needs

Introducing Syndopour Shampoo MB, a versatile melt and pour syndet base tailored for creating premium shampoo bars. With RSPO certification, it presents opportunities for crafting solid haircare bars with nourishing properties, mild on both the scalp and hair. 

This innovative base simplifies pH-balanced haircare bar production, ideal for small-scale operations. Syndopour Shampoo MB delivers a lavish lather and robust foaming, forming the basis for a gentle and natural array of bars, catered to a wide range of haircare requirements.


>95% natural


pH balanced: maintains the natural balance of the hair & scalp


Dermatologically tested: A gentle formula suitable for even the most sensitive scalps


High foaming and creamy lather


Sulphate free


Produce syndet bars by hot pour without large scale manufacturing equipment


Vegan: embrace cruelty-free and sustainable choices with a vegan-friendly formula


Improved formula: elevate your product line with a high-quality, harder base

The majority of our bases are gluten-free - if you require further information please contact us here.

Lye (also known as Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide) is the material that is used in making all of our soaps. Solid soaps (Crystal Melt and Pour range or Extruded soap bases) use Lye from Sodium Hydroxide, while Stephenson Liquid soaps use Lye from Potassium Hydroxide. We use Lye to saponify oils and/or fatty acids to produce soap. Once the soap is produced, all the lye is used up during the saponification reaction and so there is none left in the final product.

No, we are a speciality base supplier, we manufacture and ship soap bases and other product bases that are converted by our customers into finished products. Typically our bases make up around 80-99% of a finished product.

No, we are strictly against animal testing and our ingredients are not tested on animals.

We use palm and palm kernel oils, and ingredients derived from both oils. Wherever possible, we use oil and ingredients from certified sustainable sources. All products that are made using certified sustainable palm and palm ingredients have the letters SG or MB at the end of their name referring to RSPO Segregated (SG) and RSPO Mass Balance (MB). It isn’t possible to source everything we use from certified sustainable sources, but we are always researching and discussing with our suppliers to find new options.

GMP applies to companies manufacturing finished products. As a supplier of ingredients and bases, this does not apply. Stephenson holds ISO 9001 Quality Certification and supplies companies that have GMP certification.

The main difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is that fragrance oils are manufactured in a lab and essential oils are made of natural materials. Due to their natural properties, essential oils can have an impact on the stability of your product and cause hazing.

We've been making soap here at Stephenson’s since 1856, originally for the textile industry.

Yes, all the glycerine used in our soap bases is derived from vegetable sources.

Yes, you can remelt Syndopour 200-MB. Be mindful not to boil the base as this can result in the loss of water and disrupt the formulation. 

Yes, you can but we would advise leaving the base to set for a longer period of time. We would also recommend using a wire cutter to slice into bars.

It is possible but it’s not something we recommend.

We don't recommend using intricate moulds with Syndopour 200-MB. The base is more brittle than other Melt and Pour bases and unmoulding would result in the finished product breaking.

Yes, it is possible to create layers using Syndopal 200-MB.

The process of cutting, melting, adding fragrance/botanicals and unmolding are much the same. The formulation of the base is very different to that of a base that contains soap and as a result, the only real difference you will see is that the base will be noticeably softer than other Crystal Melt & Pour soap bases.

Depending on your temperature environment, Syndopour can take longer to set than glycerine soaps, we recommend demolding them overnight and letting the bars continue to harden.

Sydnopour is a completely different formulation to that of glycerin soap bases and as a result, when the base is melted it goes transparent. Once the base cools it will become opaque again.

One of the main differences you will see with Syndopour 200-MB is the softness of the base. Once the syndet base has been poured to create finished bars the base will harden, they need to be left for longer than soap base. The longer you leave Syndopour, the firmer it will become.

This is nothing to be worried about. As the base cools these small spot can appear but will disappear after a few days.

The base will begin melting above 50/60°C, but the base should be heated up to 70 - 85 degrees during processing to achieve the best quality bars. 

We offer 2 types of packaging for our Melt and Pour soap bases - 1kg trays and our ‘patent pending’ 11.5kg / 25lb soap box.

It's very important to wrap the soap/syndet as soon as you have released it from the mould. The fewer surfaces in contact with the air the better so wrap in a cling film/cello film type product. This is important to prevent sweating and also moisture loss.

This is described as 'sweating' and is caused because the bars have been left out in the atmosphere un-wrapped. Many bases contain various ingredients like glycerine which acts as a humectant. These attract moisture and beads of water will begin to appear on the bars if left unwrapped. A number of factors contribute to this; storage, ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure. The best way to avoid this is by wrapping your soaps/syndet bars.

Perhaps, we can never say for sure as it depends on the essential oil/oils used and the amount. Most ‘free’ oil in the soap base that is un-reacted or not part of the formulation can cause clouding and Essential Oils are no different.

Yes - you can use essential oils however they can have various impacts on the base, for example; setting time, hardness, clarity and so on. Please do your own sample testing to be sure of compatibility.

Technical Documents

Here you will find all the relevant technical documents and information for our Melt and Pour bases. If you require any further information, please contact us.

Syndopour Shampoo MB INCI & Spec

Syndopour Shampoo MB SDS

Syndopour Range Processing Instructions

Where to buy

Our range of Crystal Melt and Pour soap bases, Liquid bases and Cosmetic bases are available through our network of global distribution partners so you can get what you need when you need it. 


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