How to Make an Aloe Vera & Mint Soap

Trying out a new craft is always daunting! "What happens if this all goes pear-shaped?” I keep asking myself... But you never know until you try!

How to Make an Aloe Vera & Mint Soap

Trying out a new craft is always daunting! “What happens if this all goes pear-shaped?” I keep asking myself… But you never know until you try. My soap is not at all perfect (I don’t expect it to be, especially for my first attempt!) but it was more fun than I thought, and the smell was deliciously minty!

Stephenson Personal Care, based in God’s Own County, offered me their popular Melt & Pour Soap Base to have a go at making my very own home-made soap! They provided be three varieties of their soap base: Crystal Clear ST (), Crystal Natural HF () and Crystal White WSLS Free (*). In my very first tutorial I’ve started with Crystal Clear.

You will need

  • Melt & Pour Soap Base (Crystal ST Clear)
  • Large and small kitchen knife
  • Mixing bowl
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Mint leaves
  • Peppermint/Spearmint essential oils
  • Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
  • Mixing spoon
  • Teaspoon
  • Soap moulds

I have a few herb and succulent plants dotted around my house, including Aloe Vera and Mint (Spearmint and Peppermint) which I will add as key ingredients in my tutorial. Remove some leaves from an Aloe Vera plant and extract the gel using my handy visuals below…

I find it best slicing the leaves from the side to create two halves, then scraping the gel out with a teaspoon. It can get a bit messy, so if you prefer to avoid the fuss or you’re a bit sparse of the handy house plant, you can always purchase Aloe Vera gel in tubs: 99.9% Pure Aloe Vera Gel, eBay.

So let's get started!

Cut the soap base into cubes with a large knife for a faster melting process (I used approximately 300g of soap base in this tutorial). Place cubes in a microwavable bowl and heat at low power for 5 minutes. Never leave the microwave unattended and keep a check on the melting process. Once melted, add one teaspoon of mint essential oil or add as much as you like until satisfied. Be aware that the essential oils are quite potent, so don’t get too carried away! Then add the extracted Aloe Vera gel to the minty mixture. Approximately 25-50g should be sufficient, or add more if you prefer. Gently stir in. Now to add the mint leaves! Handy Tip: Spray mould with oil prior to pouring for easy removal when mixture is set You can do this however you like… You can add the leaves and gently stir into the mixture, or you can place the leaves in the mould and pour the soap mixture on top… …I did the latter. Some of the mint leaves floated to the top and some kept submerged. Spray soap mixture with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles. Leave the minty soap mixture to cool. Since my moulds were quite small and my room was a bit cool, it took approximately just over an hour to harden. However, it’s best to wait longer… 6 hours is best for larger moulds. Once the soap has set you can remove them from the moulds.

The look and the smell of my soap reminds me of those tasty Fox’s Glacier Mints ~ so cool and refreshing, and you can see the detail of the mint leaves so clearly using the Crystal Clear Soap Base! You can enjoy the soap for personal use, or give them as a gift for a friend or loved one.

This is how I decorated my soap bar, do you like it?!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and find inspiration from it to make your own handmade soap! I would love to read your comments, so don’t forget to post below. Also, feel free to share with me your soap-making experiences and thoughts… since this was my first ever time making soap, I hope to encourage people to take up a new craft ~ it’s quite therapeutic! I didn’t do too badly for my first attempt?

Now I’m eager to set off on my quest to make more creative soap tutorials… So don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog to keep updated. Until next time!


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