How to Make Soap & Win Prizes with AO at Home

Make Soap & Win Prizes. We teamed up with our friends over at AOatHome, the lifestyle blog of market-leading retailer to launch an exciting soap making competition.

How to Make Soap & Win Prizes with AO at Home

So what does Soap Making have to do with Washing Machines..?

Recently we developed and launched our first Blog Soap Making competition with our friends over at AO giving away soap and prizes to bloggers across the UK and USA, here’s why we did it, and why it all makes sense…

In case you don’t know who Appliances Online are, here’s a bit of background. Appliances Online now re-branded AO is the largest online kitchen appliances retailer in the U.K. Founded in 1999, they make buying appliances easy and simple, offering next-day delivery seven days a week at the lowest possible prices.

Here’s a little picture of their site so you get the idea:

It is highly likely that you’ve heard of AO, with over 1.3 million fans of Facebook they have taken Social Media by storm, and have become a shining example of how to tailor a digital marketing strategy for an everyday product. In their case getting people excited about Washing Machines and various White Goods, no easy engagement.

It is their approach to Social that has seen their business soar, and as such Appliances Online was named as most engaging brand on Facebook in the U.K. in Social Bakers’ Social Media Report for August 2012. Here’s Kate and Yossi doing their thing on Facebook:

“Facebook allows us to communicate our message directly to our customers and then amplify it to our prospects with a reach that cannot be achieved with any other media” John Roberts, CEO & Founder Appliances Online

So if you’re still reading this, the question you’ll be asking is “why are Stephenson doing a soap making competition with AO” Well the answer is because AO now have AOatHome, their Lifestyle Blog.

So if it’s not a blog about appliances, what’s it all about?

Well it’s actually great…no posts about machines, just a blog for you. Aimed at engaging a new demographic AOatHome strengthens the overall AO brand and we love everything about what Kimberly and her team are doing.

AOatHome want to make your home life a happy one. Their team blog about a wide range of topics from interior design inspiration and tasty recipes to exclusive interviews and creative craft projects which is where we fit in, with our soap making. AOatHome is inspirational and helps to provide creativity and spark your imagination.

So…in a nutshell we met up with the team at AOatHome, over at AO HQ, had a cuppa, talked about soap, and agreed that ‘soap making’ fits just right into craft blogging. We looked at what we could do to engage regular bloggers, develop some outreach and interest, and help spread some soap making love online. After a little dicussion we came up with the concept of creating a new and exciting Soap Making competition and the campaign of #AOLetsSoap was born.

We’ve agreed to give away 100 trays of our soap base to bloggers around the UK and USA so they can try their crafting skills at making soap, we’ll then pick winners and AOatHome will send out lots of great prizes. So to make soap here’s Kimberley’s ‘What you’ll need to get started’

If you want to ENTER this great competition please head over to AOatHome have a read of Kimberly’s great soap making blog recipe just here read all the rules at the bottom of her post, leave a commment with your email and details, and join in with the soap making fun.

It’s easy, simple, and too good to not have a go!


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