How to make Snow Soap Slices

We show you how to make a 'snow' topped soap slice stack. Great for family and friends over the Festive season.

How to make Snow Soap Slices

I had the chance to test out some more soaps from Stephenson Personal Care, I decided to make a “snow” soap that crossed the seasons somewhere between the falling leaves and the icy winter freezes. I ended up making a Gingerbread Orange stacked soap with a glycerin base dyed orange and epsom salt detail for the “snow”.

So let’s get started!

Take your soap out of the package and cut it into chunks.

Microwave the soap in 30 second intervals. You’ll have half melted soap chunks like this:

At this point, add in any fragrance, oils or colors. I added Gingerbread Orange oil. Be VERY careful as you pour your soap into molds! (See that steam!)

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