How to make Jewel Soaps

As part of our Blog Partner program Natalie from Doodlecraft shows us how to simply create a range of Jewel Soaps using our new SLS and SLES Free Crystal Soap Base... enjoy!

How to make Jewel Soaps

I think soap making is so fun, it is so easy to be creative and hassle free.

Soap makes a great gift too, because everyone or most people use soap…or they should…and it doesn’t take up extra space or make clutter.

These Jewel soaps are so adorable too, I couldn’t resist sharing this blog post!

I’ve been working with Stephenson’s Melt and Pour soap base. For this recipe I used their clear base that contains no SLS or SLES which is a great product.

It’s important to use some neon soap coloring to really makes these soap jewels stand out!

Remove the soap from the 1KG / 2LB tray, Stephenson have a really easy plastic pack that makes this really simple to process. So just cut the soap into chunks, pop the soap cubes into a pot and melt the soap base for 30 seconds at a time untill fully melted…

Once the soap base is liquid just add some drops of color and start mixing!

I then let my soap cool a little, and then poured into my jewel mold and left to set. (you can find these Jewel Molds on the internet)

The soap base sets pretty quickly which is great, no waiting for days to set up and weeks to cure, it’s good to go.

Once the soaps have fully set, around 4 hours just remove them from the moulds and admire the soap cuteness!

Get creative, mix colours, add your twist to your soap jewels. We Love!

We want to say thank you to Natalie Shaw from the doodlecraft blog!

Natalie has been blogging for just over about 3 years now, and recently joined our Blog Partner programme to work with our soaps to create fantastic blog recipies.

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