How to make Honey Soap bars

Aline is one of our many trusted 'Soapologists' who have their own successful craft/lifestyle blogs and continues to support us here at Stephenson Personal Care by creating fantastic recipes. She's extremely interested in Organic & Natural soap bases, in particular, ones that help with common day to day issues like acne & eczema. Aline shared with us this recent post using Crystal Honey Melt & Pour soap base.

How to make Honey Soap bars


100g Soap Bar:

  • Crystal Honey 92g for
  • 6g of honey
  • 2g beeswax
  • 1g / 34 drops of propolis extract optional
  • 18-36 drops of fragrance Bee Happy optional but it smells SO GOOD

Here’s my step by step guide to using Crystal Honey and making you’re own Honey Soap bars.

  • Cut your Melt and Pour soap base into small pieces and add to heatproof bowl
  • Melt your soap base in a microwave or double boiler. At the same time, melt the honey and beeswax in a double boiler/microwave.
  • Once all melted ingredients, I add honey and beeswax to melted soap base & gently mix togeather
  • Finally, add your active propolis, fragrance and mix one last time
  • Pour the mixture into the mold, spray some rubbing alcohol above the setting soap to avoid nasty bubbles and let it harden for a few hours

To add the beehive texture, add a small square of bubble wrap to the mould before pouring your mixture. Beehive effect guaranteed!

Crystal Honey is already enriched with honey, so perfect for this recipe! The honey is what really gives this recipe a kick! Due to its high sugar content, it hydrates the skin and is ideal for sensitive skin plus it has natural healing and antiseptic properties too. The beeswax brings a light and nourishing power leaving a moisturising film on the skin.

Aline is a creative health & Beautify blogger located in La Villeneuve au chêne, France. She blogs over at Biotenaturelle.

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