How to make Triple Butter Swirl Soap

Anna-Laure Parkinson takes us through the tips and tricks of how to make fabulous Triple Butter Swirl Soaps!

Here's what you will need:

Cut your white base into small chunks, split into two separate containers and melt in a microwave. Using two small containers, dilute your mica colours with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and add to your melted bases.

Once the Mica is mixed in, add your chosen fragrance and mix thoroughly to ensure the fragrance is fully evenly distributed within the base.

Keep mixing your bases to reach a good temperature to pour into your mould (inferred 51°C to 60°C). This is the key to the perfect result. If it’s too hot the two colours will mix together and the colours will become one. Too cold and the soap will begin to set!

Mix your bases until the mixture reaches 51°C. This is the key pouring temperature for the perfect result.

Next, pour both the bases into your mould at the same time and srinkle the top with glitter.

Leave to set until hard.

TADA!!! You should have an amazing swirl like you would have with saponification soap! Melt&Pour is Fab!

To find out more about Anna-Laure Parkinson and her great melt and pour recipes, visit her Facebook Group.

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