How to Make a Cleansing Oil using Durosoft

This formulation takes you through a step-by-step processing guide on creating a cleansing oil using Durosoft.

Sensitive skin sufferers can struggle to find the right cosmetics and ointments to suit their specific skin needs and it is often due to the chemicals used in facial beauty products that can cause these flare-ups. Another factor that can damage skin is the process of removing make-up, specifically rubbing around the eye area. You may not know that oil is a natural way to remove make-up and cleanse your skin; and it is actually fairly easy to create a Cleansing Oil in your own home!

"Our skin contains natural oils that can be stripped away by harsh cleansing chemicals that are commonly used in make-up removers. When this natural oil is removed, your skin overcompensates by producing an influx of these natural oils which can lead to breakouts. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive to rub oil into your face, it is a natural and cleansing alternative."

Guide Formula: Cleansing Oil

The below formulation is designed to give you a simple and natural recipe to create your own cleansing oil. You can create this oil simply at home using our natural emulsifier Durosoft®. Our Technical Business Development Manager, Lucy Simmonds, who started life at Stephenson Personal Care as a Chemist, shows you how in the guide below.

You will need:

For 100ml of cleansing oil, please use the below measurements.

  • 30ml Caprylic Capric Triglycerides
  • 60ml High Oleic Sunflower Oil
  • 10ml Durosoft® SF

Step One

Add Caprylic Capric Triglycerides and High Oleic Sunflower Oil to vessel

Step Two

Mix together and heat to 40°

Step Three

Add the Durosoft® SF and mix

Step Four

Add any fragrances, additives and active ingredients and stir until homogeneously dispersed

How to use

Now that you have created your cleansing oil, you can rub the oil into your skin, specifically to the parts of your skin with heavier make-up, and gently massage.

"The natural oils break down synthetic make-up which allows you to simply clean your make-up with a cotton wool pad or flannel in one wipe."

Lucy Simmonds MChem

To find out more about Durosoft® SF or our range of Durosoft® emulsifiers, please download the brochure below.


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