Recipe: How to Make Pumpkin, Skull and Spider Soaps... Oh My!

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought we'd share a few of our favourite spooky recipes with you. Fantastic for an alternative treat for trick-or-treaters, you'd best get started now.

Pumpkin Soaps

This cute and fun pumpkin soap is easy to make and looks great too! Using pumpkin shaped mold and an opaque Melt and Pour base such as Crystal WST, the embeds are really simple to make. These embeds are then set in a transparent Melt and Pour base, such as Crystal ST, to create the soap bar.

A full step-by-step guide can be found over on our blog.

Spider Soaps

This super scary soap was created using a plastic spider as the embed in clear soap base. The soap base used here was our Crystal HCVS - a base that remains clear with the addition of vanilla fragrance. For full instructions on how to create this soap with a scary Halloween treat stuck inside, view the full recipe here!

Skull Soaps

Using a white skull embed made from Crystal WST and a skull mold, this soap is very simple to recreate. This embed is set inside a dark purple, clear base, but it’s important to note that a small layer of uncoloured soap base is applied on top of the soap. This ensures that the soap base can fill in all the crevices of the skull embeds, leaving the top of your finished soap smooth.

For further information on how to make your own skull soaps, view the full recipe here.

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