How to create Christmas Cup Cake Soaps using Crystal Shea and Crystal OPC

Our Christmas elves have been busy experimenting with some festive soap creations this week! Here we show you how to create a Crystal Shea and Crystal OPC Foaming Bath Butter christmas cupcake!

You Will Need:

Step 1

Remove your Crystal Shea from the packaging and chop into small pieces. Place in a microwavable jug and heat in short bursts, whilst stirring throughout, until the mixture reaches a smooth consistency.

Step 2

Add a fragrance of your choice. We picked English Rose. You may also add colour in at this stage if you wish, but we left our base a snowy-white.

Step 3

Mix together well.

Step 4

Prepare your molds by laying them on a flat surface and spray with IMS or rubbing alcohol.

Step 5

Pour the Crystal Shea soap base into the cupcake molds. If you see any bubbles forming on the top, a generous spray of rubbing alcohol should get rid of these.

Step 6

Once your cupcake soaps have set, remove carefully from the mold. The second part of this recipe requires this cupcake base to be fully set, so don’t get ahead of yourself!

Step 7

Add your colouring and whip the Foaming Bath Butter using your electric whisk. We chose a festive mint green, but you can use any colour you want.

Step 8

This is where it gets a bit tricky. You need to add this foaming bath butter mixture into a piping bag with a wide nozzle.

Step 9

Pipe the Foaming Bath Butter onto the top of your cupcake bases. We’ve tried to make it look like cupcake frosting. Practice makes perfect at this stage - you just need a steady hand and a calm composure!

Step 10

Top off with a sprinkle of glitter and Ta Dah!! Your Christmas Cupcakes are finished. The Foaming Bath Butter frosting actually sets a lot harder than you might think, so these cupcakes would make the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends this year!

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